In Hospital Laboratory Services

Old York Veterinary Hospital offers an extensive array of in-hospital diagnostic testing. Our diagnostic equipment is the most technologically advanced available for in-hospital usage. These services allow us to provide rapid and extremely accurate results for our patients who are ill or undergoing a geriatric examination. The information afforded through these tests is also an imperative safety measure for our anesthetic and surgical patients.

Our in-hospital tests include:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Blood Chemistries Urinalysis
  • Heartworm and tick borne disease screening
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Screening
  • Canine Pancreatitis -CPLI Screening
  • Canine Parvo Virus Screening

Old York Veterinary Hospital reference testing is provided by ldexx Labs. ldexx is a nationally recognized veterinary reference center. ldexx specialists perform our istopathologic tissue biopsy analysis. Depending upon the specific test, we also submit samples to multiple universities and laboratory centers throughout the United States to best serve our patient's needs.

Only ldexx Labs include symmetric dimethylargi nine (SDMA), in their chemistry profiles. Testing for SDMA allows us to identify kidney disease much earlier than previous test such as creatinine. Creatinine values do not abnormally elevate until up to 60 to 75% of kidney function has been lost. SDMA, however, detects as little as 25% loss of kidney function. Alerting us of the earlier stages of kidney dysfunctions gives us more time to medically intervene potentially improving and extending patient's lives.